The London Classic Car Show

Why do we go to events like the London Classic Car Show? Well there are a couple of reasons that it is a good idea. Firstly, as a digital marketing agency that specialises in automotive, we need to become accustomed with the market conditions so that we’re better able to facilitate buying and selling for our clients. One of the best ways to gain insights into market conditions is from speaking to those who are buying and selling in the market on a day-to-day basis.

Another reason we think that being in an environment where there are thousands of car enthusiasts is simply for that reason. There are thousands of car enthusiasts. Who better to speak to than the customers?

Aside from market conditions, another reason to be at one of the biggest classic car shows in the United Kingdom is to gain exposure, whether that’s as an individual or as a company. Being in business in your 20s in the 1960s would have been much more challenging than it is in 2019, but there is still an age-related bias. Fortunately, social media marketing is a modern form of marketing and advertising and indeed has a fairly steep learning curve, so we often find that business owners simply do not understand how social media advertising tools works. It’s our job to deconstruct these extremely cost-effective and powerful advertising tools for them.

If you’re at the London Classic Car Show, please do let us know by emailing info@lindoresgriffin.co.uk as we would enjoy talking with you.