Lindores & Griffin Ltd is proud to be at the forefront of digital marketing, offering the latest, most relevant and cost effective service. We have marketed products from Rolls Royce Phantom’s to 5 Birth Motorhomes and this has taught us the importance of marketing to the highest standard, getting a crucial message across in the best form possible. We pride ourselves on our specialist knowledge of digital marketing and your luxury markets audience- their precise demographic and engagement with our marketing.

Look-a-Like Audiences on Facebook

Using the Facebook Ads manager, we're able to create look-a-like audiences utilising custom audiences we've...

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What is the Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook Pixel is a small piece of base code that goes on every page...

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5 SEO tactics we use to rank our clients’ website on Google

One thing we learn quickly as digital marketers is how Google ranks your website and...

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Save £££ Marketing on Social Media

As digital marketers it’s important that we understand how each platform interacts with one-another. Working...

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Your customers ARE on Social Media

CMO council stated that 1 in 4 car buyers talk about buying a new car...

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How to sell a Lamborghini on Facebook

Interactive social media adverts are essential when marketing a high-end or luxury product. From our...

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Under the Influencer

Working alongside our partner Coys of Kensington to promote South Africa's first ever classic car...

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What are people saying about me?

An exhilarating week and a privilege to work alongside our partner Coys of Kensington during...

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My car has risen in value, now what?

Whilst supporting A-Tech Racing team at 24H Barcelona last weekend I have spotted a trend...

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