5 SEO tactics we use to rank our clients’ website on Google

One thing we learn quickly as digital marketers is how Google ranks your website and how much traffic that can potentially generate (lots!). As a web developer I have always considered Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) an important factor when building a website, but never truly understood HOW important it is.

If you want to outrank your competitors on Google, you have to trust the process and not expect results right away. Here are my top 5 tips to outrank your competitors on Google:

  1.  Pick a good .com domain name
  2.  Set up a Google My Business account and knowledge panel (so Google considers you a friend)
  3.  Add a ‘sitemaps.xml’ to your website (this is a map of your entire site)
  4.  Use social media to backlink to your website i.e. link to website from Facebook, then link to Facebook from Instagram
  5.  Regularly update your website or add new content such as blog posts or photos with good descriptions

We’re a social media marketing agency. We know from experience that a good combination of regular updates on social media and your website (using methods such as dynamic keyword insertion or back linking) will have a positive effect on your Google ranking and ultimately boost your organic website traffic, saving you money in the long run.